Access Number Services

India Toll-Free Service (1800 & 1860)

Reliance India Toll-Free Service offers 1800 series numbers (free for callers). We also offer Universal Access Number (UAN) service with 1860 series numbers (callers pay only local charges across the country). Besides giving your customers and leads across India a convenient way to call your business, you could also use these services to make it easy for your employees across the country to access centralized helpdesks.

Advanced call routing options

Leveraging Reliance’s Intelligent Network (IN) Platform, this service gives you advanced call routing options to suit your business needs. For example, a company can choose to divert all calls from the northern region to one call center and those from the southern region to another call center.

End-to-end solution

Reliance India Toll-Free Service, along with the Enterprise Voice solution (e.g., Reliance E1 PRI, Centrex) that delivers the call to your Enterprise or your call center, not only gives you a unique toll-free identity across the country, but also offers you the one-stop-shop advantage for an end-to-end solution.

  • Single number identity for your brand that helps in simplifying communication (advertisements, websites, Marketing collateral, etc.) and makes it easy for people to reach your business
  • Extends your brand identity to the telephone number which can be chosen to include your brand name (e.g., 1800-40-YOURBRAND)
  • Real-time visibility of available numbers through the number management portal
  • Can also be used for enabling convenient access to company helpdesks (e.g., Travel, IT, etc.) by employees
  • Offers Intelligent routing options based on parameters like origin, time, load (for enhanced call management)
  • Easy management: Full-fledged self-care portal to manage functions online (e.g., real-time routing, changing the default routing numbers, etc.) and for MIS (e.g., CDRs, missed calls, etc.)
  • Pooling of free usage of all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations