Notice for Prepaid Refund

Dear RCL /RTL mobile subscriber

This is with reference to closure of 2GI GSM, CDMA, and mobile voice services. As per TRAI direction, you can claim a refund of your unspent prepaid balance electronically to your bank account by submitting the information as mentioned below:

  • Subscriber’s name
  • Subscriber’s postal address
  • Subscriber’s mobile number (the number against which the refund sought from Mls RCL/RTL)
  • Subscriber’s alternate mobile number for communication
  • Subscriber’s email address
  • Bank account number
  • IFS Code, Bank name and Branch
  • Copy of Proof of Identity (Pol) (to be attached) Id name with number
  • Copy of Proof of Address (PoA) ( to be attached) Id name with number

The above information can be submitted to us through any of the modes mentioned below and you will be provided acknowledgment for future reference:

Through our website/portal:
Through email address: